5 latest cars

Talking about just 5 latest cars is not justifiable here because it is too limited for us. The year 2020 is going to be promising for the automobile sector of Pakistan. Like every year, car manufacturers are also introducing some new models. Under the local policy, we have already got many amazing car models from 2016 to 2021.

Therefore, here are 5 latest cars in which the well-known companies are entering into the market in 2020.

Proton X70

5 latest cars

The Malaysian automaker is going to set up in Pakistan as per the agreement with the Al-Haj group. As a debut, it will come up with the Proton X70 that is also the first-ever SUV produced by the Malaysian company. The SUV has got an engine of 1.8L TGDi.

Hyundai Tucson

5 latest cars

This South Korean beauty will be coming up with this sleek SUV named Tucson. Not only that it has a catchy exterior, but it is highly equipped from the inside too. The car is released on two engine types of 164 hp 2.0 and in 181 hp 2.4L. the car has got emergency brakes, cruise control option, and lane-keeping assistance.

Toyota Yaris

5 latest cars

Since the company Toyota is planning to halt the production of Corolla GLI and Corolla XLI, it has launched the Toyota Yaris. The car will be available in Pakistan from March 2020. The engine capacity is 1.4- 1.5L with cylinder 6. There is a smart key system, climate control system, steering control, etc. all in all, it is a complete power pack car.

Audi E- Tron 50 Quattro

5 latest cars

Talking about 5 latest cars and do not include Audi in it, cannot be possible. The superb aspect of this most loved car is that it is an E-car. This SUV will be the first by Audi in electric car technology. In Pakistan, it will enter into the market under the National Electric Vehicle Policy (NEVP). This powerful machine has the ability to offer a power capacity of 300 KW. The charging time is around 7 hours.

Nissan JAC T6

5 latest cars

This double cabin arrived last year in Pakistan for the testing. This year in 2020, it is all set to enter the market. The four-wheeler has got a 2.0L turbocharged diesel engine. The interior of this huge vehicle has got a sophisticated interior with the center console that offer you Bluetooth, navigation, radio, internet and much more.

Launching these cars is the most amazing news for the car lovers who are already planning to lay their hands on one of these.

Inform us in comment about which car you will be picking in 2020.

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