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UAE visa is always a favorite one for travelers. The main reasons are that it is easy to obtain, secondly, the place does not disappoint you from the entertainment point of view. This time, the government of the UAE has again taken a favorable decision and has decided to issue the multiple entry visas. This visa scheme will be valid for all the nationalities for 5 years.

Earlier, UAE used to issue a visa that was valid for one month to three months. But, now the Prime Minister and ruler of UAE, Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum proclaimed that it will be for five years.

The reason behind this step

The aim of behind proposing this action is to enhance the economy through tourism. This way more tourists will be attracted to the Gulf States and enjoy their time.

Mohammed Bin Rashid made this announcement via his Twitter handle saying that the decision has been taken to turn the state into the destination. It will also help in developing the country for the upcoming 50 years.

Just like other Middle East countries, UAE has also tried itself to be lenient with the visitors.  Every year, 21 million visitors tour the UAE and boost its economy. Certainly, UAE offers a vast variety of activities, places, and opportunities that make it the favorite destination for outsiders.

Not only that the visitors, but UAE is the mother for many job seekers as well. A number of people seek a UAE visa to try their luck on this land. Being a global village, it is easy to find any nationality in the UAE. Dubai is one of the most desirable vacation spots for the tourists and the city has a major role in developing the state’s overall economy.

Further details about this visa are not issued yet, but they will be available soon. This extension in visa will also affect the attendees of Expo 2020 that is an international trade fair.

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