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5 tips or 10 tips, motherhood is not that easy task for any woman. The fact is, it always takes time to transform yourself into an expert mom! However, nothing is impossible and it will take just a few days to understand your baby routine or make one.

Here are some of the tips that can assist you in becoming a pro mom. These tips are:

  • Make a routine

It may sound difficult at the start when you are trying to mix up with your mommy-life, but it is crucial. There are distinctive moods of babies and you have to find out the best for your little one. Babies like to eat, play, sleep or poop.  You need to note down their habits via a smartphone app or by noting them in a notebook. You need to know about their breastfeeding routine, their diaper changing time, their playing time, etc. this will also help you in understanding the need for your bundle of joy.

  • A relaxed feeding posture

Breastfeeding is indeed a difficult task for any new mom. Thus, the best way to cope up with it is to sit in a place that is peaceful and cozy for you. Having a nursing pillow is a plus option so that your baby will get fed without any hassle. It will keep you in a comfy position as well, so that your back or hands will not hurt. Keep your baby in a position that will touch tummy from tummy and nose from the nipple.

Same with the bottle feeding that the bottle must be of good quality with the right nipple. Tilt it a little so that the milk will flow slowly and will not rush.

  • Time to burp

You will understand the importance of burping once you will become a mother. It is a trickier thing for any mom. Babies are unable to digest air, this is why, and they have to pass it instantly through burping or farting.

Burping is required after every meal. The easiest way to burp is by holding them on your shoulder and taps them on the back. Do not leave their head rather support it with the other hand as baby moves their head sometimes.

By cycling the baby’s legs, they can also pass the air by farting and get easy. Do not forget to keep a napkin near you to clean up any vomit.

  • The diapers!
    Amongst the 5 tips, this may sound hideous or gross to clean someone’s poop, but a little child is all your responsibility to fulfill it. A responsible mother checks her baby’s diaper after some time to ensure that it is not full of urine or poop. Babies must change six diapers in a day. As far as the poop is related, in the start it will be of black color that will eventually turn yellowish later. If any unusual thing happens with the baby’s poop or urine, then contact the doctor.
  • Bath time!

Usually, the baby is given a bath the very next day and there is no harm in it. The newborn must be kept clean and free from odor. Make sure that during the bath, you are not harming his umbilical cord and it is not showing any fresh blood on it.

Choose the soft towel, good quality bath wash, and lukewarm water for the bath. The windows must be closed, curtains were drawn and no air passing in the room otherwise the baby could catch a cold. You can do warm water sponging as well. Wash the face with a wet towel or with your wet hand. While giving a bath, keep the baby close to your body so that you will not drop them. Babies do cry during bath and that is OK because you cannot leave them in a dirty condition at all.

These are 5 tips that will make you a perfect mom within a short span of time.

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