Top 7 travel destinations in 2020

A new decade and new traveling goals! The top 7 travel destinations will assist you out in deciding the best for your next stop. Not you, but everyone has this goal to travel extensively in the New Year. We know many of you have made a resolution of this new decade, 2020 to see most of this beautiful world. 2020 […]

6 unattractive dresses at Hum Style Awards 2020

Hum Style Awards 2020 took place in Karachi at the Expo centre with all its glory. The star-studded night had everyone present from the actors, actresses, models, designers, singers, directors, producers, makeup artists, stylists and you name it! The sole purpose of these awards is to compliment and recognize the most stylist folks from the industry. The stars who have […]

5 parenting things to avoid saying to your kids

We use a lot of the warning phrases with our kids that could count more than just 5 parenting things. These phrases are so common that we do not consider them any harmful. It is certainly because we have been using them for ages and have never paid any attention. The fact is these statements indirectly cause psychological effects over […]

UAE visa rule extended to 5 years tourist visa

UAE visa is always a favorite one for travelers. The main reasons are that it is easy to obtain, secondly, the place does not disappoint you from the entertainment point of view. This time, the government of the UAE has again taken a favorable decision and has decided to issue the multiple entry visas. This visa scheme will be valid […]

Winterland brings snow in Karachi

Winterland is the name that is present everywhere around the city of Karachi on advertising posters and in conversations of the residents. The weather in Karachi is usually humid during summers and gets cold for hardly 2 to 3 months. ┬áIts locals need to visit northern areas or other countries in order to enjoy the snowfall. However, it seems that […]

5 tips for newly moms

5 tips or 10 tips, motherhood is not that easy task for any woman. The fact is, it always takes time to transform yourself into an expert mom! However, nothing is impossible and it will take just a few days to understand your baby routine or make one. Here are some of the tips that can assist you in becoming […]