Top things to do in Venice

Whenever we hear of Venice, we think about a city floating over the water, people commuting from here to there via boats, the construction is so mesmerizing that you think about how it actually occurred and much more. There is no doubt that Venice is the dream destination of many travelers and they want to visit the place at least once in a lifetime. 

You might have read about many things that you can do in Venice and they are the things that every other person is doing there. We are going to tell you something out of the shelf that will enhance your experience of traveling to Venice and gives an exciting view of the city that you never thought of before.

Tour of Canal Grande

Canal Grande is a well-known canal of Venice that everyone visits as it surrounded by beautiful buildings. The best mode of traveling along on Canal Grande is via Vaporetto that is the waterbus or public mode of transportation in Venice. Buying a travel card is the best option if you are planning to travel often during your stay. It will also save you some money. 

Visit the island of Burano 

Burano is a fisher’s town that is just 40 minutes away from Venice and it offers a calm atmosphere to walk around. You will not find this place very crowded and the colorful houses will give your eyes a soothing sight. This will seem unusual to you, but the town is famous for its handmade perfect laces. You can also find a lace museum here named Museo Del Merletto. The lace-making skills are passing down from generation to generation in Burano.

Take a route traveled less

This means visiting all those places that tourists do not think of going much. Yes, these are places like small shops, restaurants that offer you delicious gnocchi, residential areas with no excessive crowd, etc. Going to these areas will give you the feeling that you are really experiencing Venice away from the chatter of the crowd and also do not forget to visit the churches on your way. 

Entering church is a must

The historically and architecturally rich churches of Venice are the buildings that you should never ignore. Some of them converted into museums and will charge some tickets whereas any church has no entry fees. You will find beautifully designed interiors, paintings by the artists, and glasswork that is one of its kind. Just remember that you respect the atmosphere upon entering the church and do not wear revealing clothes. 

Sunset of Venice

Visiting the city during the daytime is common, but try to experience Venice after the sun is down. You will get to see the city and its colors from the all-new perspective. The buildings turning into dusky shades, the tourists are not buzzing around, and there is only little sound around. This is the best time to appreciate the city of Venice that was your dream destination until you wanted to be here. The city seems mesmerizing in the light of the moon with water slowly touching the buildings and making subtle noises.

These are some of the offbeat things-to-do lists that you can do in Venice other than the traditional activities.

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