On social media, the key to success is hidden in your regular interaction with the audience. Responding to their comments and feedback helps you in creating an environment of care.

One thing that you need to learn that focus on any one social media platform, although there are a number of forums like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Pinterest, but your focus should be on one. Every channel has its own features and response to the users, thus, get to know them before you choose them as your medium.

Another factor that determines your choice of social media is the nature of your business. Facebook is more about socialising and running business while Twitter gets you quick responses, instagram is about pictures and appearances more. LinkedIn has globally connected audience from various businesses. Now when you know that in which category your clienteles fall, then you can pick the social media medium, accordingly.

Whichever medium you choose, there are some attitudes on which you need to work properly, such as:



  • Relate with your audience:


It is very essential that you just not only create the content, but also respond to your audience. This helps in people understanding that you have some sort of relationship with them. Give value to reader’s feedback, their comments, and reply to them. Mostly, companies fail in doing so, but you need to do that on a regular basis to have a healthy relationship with the audience.



  • Do not hang over them:


You must respond to people or if you run some consultancy blog, then make suggestions to them, but do not just stand over their heads that they feel like you are getting too far. People feel annoyed if someone tries to be over-friendly or overly interfering.



  • Stick to your niche:


You should not do something on your blog or website that others are doing. Your niche is your own and you must stick to that. Your postings should not be influenced by someone else as just because they are gaining followers or visitors due to that then you should try that too. No! You have your own thoughts, words, and timeline that should reflect your point of views & of your audience’s.



  • Spend right amount of time:


If you want to gain something out of your social media, then spend the correct amount of time that will give you an attractive return. You see, it is pretty easy to create and account, posting on it, and kick off a career. All you need is the time calculation that has to be implemented on these forums. This will also show your audience that you care for them, they matter to you, and you attend them. This will enhance your engagement with them too.



  • Get connected with your audience:


A good social media channel with a lot of users would never want to be out of contact with them. This is why, you must have the handles, email address, contact number and other modes of connection there that could assist your clients or audience with you.



  • Sound good!


If you post videos to your social media accounts, then make sure that the sound quality is up to the mark. If you have everything looking good in the video, but the sound sucks, then there is no use of perfection when your viewers cannot listen to a word clearly. Therefore, invest in your sound equipment, get whatever can make you sound good. There are a number of cheap brands as well that could get you a fine mic, etc.


You can determine by all of these tips that social media has the power to build or break your business , your brand, and your dreams. The right approach is everything and you will make the clients when you have a strong and reliable online appearance.

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