Apart from face treatment, ever wondered how do these amazing looking celebrities manage to appear this amazing during the whole long event and even after that? Well, certainly, they must not be putting on the stuff that we common people put on rather they have some inside tricks as well. These tricks help them in staying sparkling in every event & even in their daily routine. Then, why don’t we follow them too to have a glamourising makeup look that will stay with us the whole night!


Here are the tips that celebrity makeup artists have shared for all of the fans out there:



  • Glow up makeup


Since it is summer around, no one wants the makeup that is too heavy on skin. These days, it is all about natural radiance coming from within and lightning up the skin. Thus, go for the neutral foundation and base that gives a healthy appearance to your skin, not the fake one. Keep the lips nude shade and eyes done with some kohl.


  • Match it with the skin


One thing that we all ignore most of the time is that picking the right shade of base is highly important. When you have the base made correctly and of the right shade, then we can say that you have done a natural makeup. With the right base, your skin will come out as yours and not some mask over it. If you do not know how to buy the accurate base for your skin, then simply buy it during the day time and apply it on the neck. From that you can find out if the shade matches your face or not.

  • Hydrate your skin

Hydrating the skin before applying makeup is very essential. You must get a serum that keeps your skin glowing for the whole day and do not make it patched after some time. There are a number of reliable serums available in market that you can pick according to your skin type.

  • The makeup order

Although, every makeup expert has his or her own preference when it comes to the make over, but we go with the one that famous makeup artist, Sir John has recommended. That is, first moisturise your skin, then draw up your brows, now come to the eyes, do not forget to clean the fallen shadow from your cheeks. Now apply base & mix it well with the blender. After that, use concealer and fix it with the loose powder, contour the corners and then put on highlighter. After highlighter, apply blush. Finish off the eyes with mascara and the final look with correct lips. Oo la la! You are ready to rock!


  • The right touch!


To make your makeup long lasting, it is crucial that you must finish it off with the application of powder. After applying some creamy product, dab it with finishing loose powder and you will experience the velvet skin till late.


  • Don’t forget the brow


Brows play a leading role in defining your eyes and your face cut. Fill in your brows with the right color and in right texture can add much detail to your appearance. Draw the brows by inserting pencil within them so that they will not look faux.

These are some of the makeup treatments that you need to go for in order to look like your favourite celebrities. Just follow them and people will ask about make over tricks from you!


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