Gone are the days when we had to think several times before changing smartphone due to the fear of data transfer. Luckily, we live in a time when transferring data from your old phone to the new one is just a matter of clicks. With SmartIO app, everything has become possible and you can move your precious data from one place to another. Whether you are a user of Android or iPhone, you are just an installation away from data migration.

There are some of the finest features that SmartIO app offers you, such as:

Feasible usage:

The user experience that one gets from this app is the most amazing as there are no jerks, disconnection issues, limitation of data transfer, and can be transferred from Android to iOS. All you need is a just hotspot connection through which you can move your data from anyone’s smartphone. An interesting feature is that you can send every content present in your phone whether it is photos or contacts or document files. Moreover, the amount of contents that you can share from your device to the other one is up to 17. Even on the hotspot, it is very easy to transfer your personal content.


Fetch the content


This feature of SmartIO app is very popular amongst the smart device users. It enables you to recover the valuable data from your destroyed device. Any smartphone expert or you can yourself fetch the data through this application’s content recovery option. So no need to losing your peace if you have broken your screen or lost your phone.




Cloud technology


Cloud backup is the call of time and everyone with the smartphone or tablet has them connected with this technology to secure their content. With Cloud, you can reinstate all the items just with one click. SmartIO has this feature present in its app so that the users will face no issue whenever they have to call back their important stuff. With this feature, all of your contacts, pictures, videos, documents are accessible anywhere and anytime.



Apart from these features, this app does not jerk around when running, thus, making all the operations more feasible. With the high-speed, there is no way that you will fall behind the time or lose something.

The customer service team is available round the clock to serve you with their quick response. So far, SmartIO app is the finest product in AppStore and Google Play for the data transferring purposes.

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