Many times, we want someone else to do things for us that makes us happy or make us feel strength full. 

Why do we want this?

Certainly, because we rely our happiness on other people. We assume that only their acts can make us happy and they have the key to enhance our interest in life. This is somehow true in many cases, but this should not be the case anymore.


Well, because there is a necessity to train ourselves to be more self-reliable.

We might be everything, but not self- reliable and you will agree to this. There is a thought process that goes through in our mind that expect from others. At that moment, we think that only their acts can help us in gaining the contentment that we were missing in our lives.

This should not be the case anymore. We must perform those acts that lead us to our inner satisfaction that will result in our ultimate happiness.

Finding pleasure in your presence is not a difficult task. You can enjoy a movie alone too while laughing on the jokes in it.

You can have a coffee with your favourite book too without inviting anyone over.

You can have dinner at your favourite spot too if none of your friends are available or your partner is out of town.

It is not about being alone forever, but it is about recreate yourself even if there is someone with you.

So, find merriment in your own self!

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