Domestic violence is a kind of violence that takes place in any kind of intimate relationship, whether it is a married or unmarried one. Domestic violence is not limited to the partner only, but family members could be the assailant as well. This violence could affect women, men, teenagers, etc., who is involved in any straight or homosexual relationships. There are many forms of domestic violence, such as spouse abuse, psychological abuse, dating abuse, domestic violence.


Particularly, domestic violence could be of many types, such as mental, physical, emotional, sexual, financial abuse, etc, which leads even to the death of the victim. Not only the common people, but well-known celebrities have also been victims of domestic violence or abuse. Although the ratio of women affected by domestic violence is quite high, it is also a part of the fact that there are a number of men who are the sufferers of domestic abuse.

Only in the US, more than fifty percent of women and 3 to 4 percent of men are murdered in the result of domestic violence.

Domestic violence affects the person not only for the present but for the future and sometimes for the generations, where the trauma is transferred to the offsprings while children and partner suffer the most.


Consequences of domestic violence

The fatality of domestic violence finds it very difficult to nurture their children and goes through having a disturbed family structure too. When they have a disrupted structure, they re more exposed to the depression and anxiety and trusting someone becomes the most difficult attitude for them.

The victims of domestic abuse face deteriorating health, loss of household, unemployment, etc. Such people can also jeopardize the communities because of their self-destructive and ruthless behavior. Children are the most vulnerable entity to the domestic violence affectee. They could receive the same type of violence, treatment, and harmful behavior from them that could demolish children’s personality.

Another hazardous consequence of domestic violence is that when the victim confronts mental issues like apprehension, panic, despair or dejection, these things transfer to their offsprings. Children also acquire the issues with brain efficiency that directs towards psychosomatic and physical setbacks. The main reason for such glitches burdens the stress-management system with a growing brain system of a child, thus, they encounter the crisis of gloominess and trepidation even before they know the meanings of these. When children have these brain difficulties, it affects their learning abilities and compatibility to be socially active. These factors are visible both in the children of male or female victims who have been through the violence.

Domestic violence ratio amongst genders While compiling the domestic violence ratio, we cannot just focus on one gender. However, the number of women is greater when it comes to violence than men. Women subjected to abuse are likely to receive it again during their lifetime in the form of injuries, sexual assault, getting offended, etc.

A survey in the UK estimated that 13 percent of men are the victim of domestic violence while 27 percent of women tolerate this trauma. Likewise, the ratio of women being murdered by their immediate partner was higher than man.

The statistics related to male victims are less, mainly due to the lower trend of reporting incidents by them. Therefore, you cannot deny the reality that men are not objected to domestic abuse. Men also experience mental or physical damage that continues for the longer period of time.

Consequences of domestic violence on offspring

The chances of children being exposed to the domestic violence along with the adults are likely to be same. When a partner assaults his or her partner, then children do not only get physically affected but mentally distressed as well.

The fear of witnessing another quarrel at home increases and the child feels fretful. Whether they are young children, school going or the teens, the domestic violence affects them negatively in the most hideous ways. Presently, they show signs of bed wetting, crying, being afraid, sleeping less, losing self-admiration, zero interest in studies, stomach aches, etc.

Whereas, the teens usually get into drug abuse, gets into fights with family, etc. children who had been victims of domestic violence in the past are likely to repeat the procedure with their partner or get abused by them.

Health issues are also very much higher in the children who had been through the sexual, emotional or physical abuse, such as obesity, anxiety, diabetes, etc.

Possible steps to get rid of domestic violence

Leaving an abusive relationship or a household where the person is being traumatized after every day is important. You must take the following actions to get rid of being a victim:

  • Report the case of domestic violence with the related authorities.
  • Inform your friends or someone reliable about violent incidents.
  • Devise a sneak out plan to secure yourself and your children.
  • Talk to your children about domestic violence and tell them that violence is a bad thing.
  • Make it in the knowledge of your adults that you are going through a domestic violence.



The post is written by Ansab Ali.

Ansab is a student and Human Rights Activist.

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