The renowned singer Demi Lovato nowadays treating in a hospital in Los Angeles due to a drug overdose.

The Los Angeles police on Tuesday responded on the residence of Demi Lovato where she lives to the medical emergency, the young singer was found unconscious and treated with the anti-opioid medicine.

One of her family member tells that she is awake and breathing at the medical center and also thanks to all her fans and family member for prayers and support.

Some of the information surrounded about her was found incorrect and the family members asked for the privacy.

She was getting drug abuse for years and was have a fear to relapse for some time.

She also canceled her show last month in London by providing the news on social media just before some hours to begin.

In her song Sober, she quoted some lines to her mom and dad like and being sorry to them for the things happened.

This track was released in March 2018 comprised of her last six years of life.

Demi also has a concert in Atlantic City New Jersey on Thursday but it has been canceled.



In her music she let us know that she is being suffered and fighting with a battle by bipolar disorder, an addiction which her fans also noticed and reported.

Just after the report was out for her condition related to a drug overdose, many of the celebrities, musicians and her fans flooded the social media to support her and pray for her with the hashtag #Prayfordemi.

It was uncertain and unclear up to now that due to which drug she get an overdose. It was suspected due to heroin but later on it was denied.

Her friends used Narcan an antidote at the scene to make her breath. Narcan is a brand name for naloxone which is an antidote.

The US is suffering from the opioid crises from the past sometimes, as per the health official reports. There are more than 100 Americans died because of this opioid overdose every day and over the last ten years, more than 250000 Americans died due to a drug overdose.

Demi was born in Dallas a state in Texas; she first spotted in a children TV show series Barney and friends

She also worked with Jonas brothers in 2008 in a Disney movie channel camp rock.

Her first album was released in 2008 named Don’t forget.

She revealed in a YouTube documentary last October about her drugs use and tells us that she began to use the cocaine when she was 17.

She also disclosed that her father was an alcoholic addict and she got out of control when she first time took the drugs.

She always searched what her father found in drugs, in 2010 she went to rehab for the first time.

We wish a speedy recovery to the star singer and have a healthy life.



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