Snapchat was not over the complaint of Kylie Jenner yet that she made about redesigning of the app and asked in a tweet that Is she the only one who does not open Snapchat anymore? It was a blow for the company that slashed its stock by 6% means $1.3 billion. Not only that, there is a petition signed on with 1.2 million signatures in which users have demanded to bring the old design back.

Looks like it was not enough that Snapchat faced another reaction from the hit singer Rihanna. Last week, the singer ripped onto the app for letting an insulting ad to show on it.

What Actually Happened with Snapchat?

The ad was designed for a mobile game, in which it was asking users to either slap Rihanna or Punch Chris Brown.  Remember that back in 2009, when both of the signers were dating, Chris Brown was implored guilty for hitting Rihanna.

This is was indeed an unacceptable act for Rihanna by Snapchat about which she instantly reacted on Instagram in her post, which said something like What was the point of doing this mess even when you are aware that you are not my favorite social app. She further added that I might have considered it as an ignoring act, but I also know that you guys are not that fool. She emphasized on the fact that the company has hit a sensitive issue of domestic violence and its affectees by joking about it.

Her final line said,” Shame On You”.

As Rihanna issued this statement on Insta, the SNAP stocks slumped by 4% decreasing $800 million from the Snap’s market.

On the other hand, Snap called this ad as a disgusting one and ensure about investigating into it so that such incident will not occur again.


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