We are already a month past 2018 and many of us might have forgotten about the New Year resolution, they made at the start of the year. Well, this is the common story every year and we do not regret.

Fact is we all are agreeing here that there is one resolution we do not break or can forget in any way and that is our traveling resolution! If you have not made it yet, then any worries, you still have a lot on hand so check our best picks for your travel goals in 2018.

In our list, you will find everything from adventure to the best food, and from history to the festivals. So here we go:


Grenada is an island full of all those luxuries that you wish to have in your dream travel destination. The island is also known as Spice Island, situated in the Caribbean Sea. You will find rainforests, less crowded beaches, interesting cultures and delicious food.

Silversands Hotel is one finest luxury hotel that will be operating from March this year. More new resorts and hotels are in the line to be completed and start working there so tourists will have more options to go for.



Situated in the middle of Europe and Asia, Uzbekistan is now coming in the eyes of traveling lovers. The place is highly economical and offers you some traditional styles of mosques and harems. Improved relationships with China and Iran will serve the country with links like Trans- Asian Railway and Silk Road. This will connect Uzbekistan with Europe side as well. Adding it to your travel goals in 2018 will be a thing worth going for.


While speaking about world’s best islands, Fiji cannot be left behind. You will find spectacular beaches, rocky coastlines, crystal clear water, palm trees and much more than you expect to see in a landscape. You can get the accommodation in the most lavish resorts here like Kokomo Private Island Resort and Six Senses. In the recent year, Nihi Fiji will also start operating on Fiji Island. These resorts will be offering villas, tropical gardens, and striking marine species.


Many of the American visitors are now taking flights to Ireland for the tourism purpose. The exchange rates are in the favor of American, then why not exploring this new love of tourists. There is a 19th-century castle spread on 840 acres of County Limerick countryside that is converted into hotel Adare Manor. The hotel was renovated for 18 months and reopened in November. Ireland has also taken lead with its Whiskey industry and in last 10 years, many estates of Ireland have started the trend of Whiskey distilleries. All of this information sounds promising for those who want to have boozing and exciting holidays.

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv must be a new travel destination for many tourists, but this year it has been added to the travel goals in 2018 due to its nightlife and innovative food scene. Many chic hotels are also opening in the city to meet with the international tourism standards. In the area of Jaffa, many old-time cafes and fish markets are now turned into antique cafes, bars, and restaurants, where music is pouring out all the time. Some must-try things there is Beit Kandinof restaurant, whose novel dishes will provide you with all mouth savoring tastes. Maskit, the oldest fashion place in Israel has also reinstated after refurbishment and will be reopened after all those years in the 90s.

These are some of the exquisite places to have included in your travel goals in 2018 list because they are delivering you with value for money along with all the tourism features.


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