The whole chicken marinated in the spicy sauce with yogurt is kept in the refrigerator overnight and is deep-fried. The Lahori Chargha is a mouthwatering dish that you can relish along with fresh yogurt and Afghani naan. If eaten plain, this charga tastes astounding.


I know you were wondering what I am talking about Lahori cuisine and not naming the famous Phajjay k Paaye. Well, I saved best for the last (taps my back).

Paaye is another most favorite dish of Lahori for breakfast. Other than that, they are ready to have them anytime as well. If you are not a native Pakistani, then let me tell you that Paaye is actually the feet of goat, bull or cow. Do not cross it because they taste extremely appetizing when cooked with the right ingredients and in a traditional way.

Let us know if you about your beloved Lahori cuisines and what you love most about food culture in Lahore.

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