Food Culture in Lahore

Food Culture in Lahore – If we say that Lahore has its own defined culture, then it will not be wrong. Lahore reflects a greater portion of Pakistani culture that is vibrant and colorful. Not only with its diverse culture, but the mouth-watering food culture in Lahore is also one of its identity. Lahoris love food and spend most of their time in.

The conventional cuisines of Lahore are known to everyone and they totally justify our love for spice too. If we call Lahore as the Food Capital of Punjab, then everyone will agree for sure. As people from all over the province resides here, the variety in taste can be felt visibly.

Famous Food Streets In Lahore

Before moving to the actual food list, let’s take a look that which are the famous food streets in Lahore:

Gawalmandi Food Street:

Although the real food street is no longer present there, you can still find the food vendors, shops, and eateries there. Thousands of people visit this place to not only enjoy food but also gathers to celebrate the Basant festival.

Fort Road Food Street

Located in the historic area of Lahore, Fort Road Food Street is present near Badshahi Mosque. This food street was later developed to replace the Gawalmandi food street. This place also serves with all sorts of Lahori cuisines.

Here, we have compiled the list of some of the finest Lahori foods that will leave your taste buds swooning for them:

Murgh Channa

You will find your Lahori host forcing you to have these Murgh Channay for breakfast and you will be in loss if you say No to them. This dish has its own distinctive taste according to food culture in Lahore. Make sure you are having it with Naan.

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