Winters are here! But, many people do not even have an idea if there are places to travel in winter because winter means everything will be freezing, which is not true. This is the time when most of the people just want to curl up in blankets and sip hot coffee, but travel freaks like us prefer to get up and explore the world. Although, it is not always easy to plan and go for it as the budget is the key factor to look upon to avoid any problem later. For all such traveling lovers, we have compiled a list of most inexpensive and warm travel destinations to visit this winter.

Puerto Rico

The tropical weather of Puerto Rico welcomes you with open arms when you reach here. The glamorous beaches are the main attraction with the facilities of snorkeling and diving. The sand of Isla Verde will attract you at with its pink glow while the other beaches will light up their sands at night. What could be more wonderful?

The hotels are also very pocket-friendly and you can find many resorts or hotels easily near beaches.

Las Vegas

If you have made some extra bucks this year, then Las Vegas is the best place to burn them. The city is hot favorite destination around the year, but winter makes it more happening. Many visitors choose to be in Las Vegas during winter due to its weather and some non-stop gambling. Finding affordable hotels or lodges is also not an issue.


The Bahamas is one of the most economical places to travel in winter time even when it comes to the airfare. The water temperature is beautifully warm here even in winters. You can enjoy many activities here such as windsurfing, swimming, snorkeling and other water sports.  If you rent a place at Long Island, it offers you other facilities along with no additional charges.

Punta Cana

If you want to have sun around you in winters, then hitting the beaches of Punta Cana is an ideal decision. There are many hotels which offer you added facilities at very reasonable prices. There are parks, mountains, museums, etc. to explore as well.


South America welcomes you with warm weather in the winter season and makes it our one of the favorite places to travel in winter. This is why most of the tourists choose to visit that area during winters. There are lakes for water sports and mountains for the trekking in this amazing weather. Bariloche is a small mountain resort town that is very affordable in almost all the seasons.

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