You might do not know this, but your kitchen has a lot to offer you other than just food!

Using chemical beauty products are a common ritual that we all follow. But, why going for it anymore when you can have all the beauty products found in your kitchen cabinets.

Here, we have gathered some of the quick and easy beauty DIY homemade ideas that you can make in your kitchen. These recipes are:

Tomato Scrub

Take a medium sized tomato, add a tablespoon of virgin oil in it, and 2 tablespoons of salt. Take the tomato flesh out in a bowl and botch it with the back of the spoon. Now mix well by adding salt and olive oil in it. Make sure your skin is dry while applying it and leave it for five minutes, then wash it off.

The salt removes dead skin from your face and other ingredients enhance the elasticity of your skin.


Cucumber mask

You would need very basic ingredients for this mask like a cucumber and one tablespoon of honey.

Simply make the puree of cucumber by mashing it in a small bowl and add honey in it. Mix both of them well. Now lie down somewhere with the towel beneath your head. With circular movements, massage the mask throughout your face and let it sit for at least ten minutes. Now rinse it with tepid water.


The cooling effect of cucumber soothes the skin with the Vitamin C tendency in it that ends swelling of your face or skin.


Sea salt Foot scrub

You cannot ignore feet when taking care of your beauty. Luckily, to secure their beauty, the diy homemade solution is also easily available in your kitchen. All you need is some sea salt and mix it with any essential oil of your choice. Now add this mixture in warm water and let your feet soak in for fifteen minutes. After that, rub your feet with salt in water and rinse. You are all-ready with your clean and shiny feet.

Fragile nails oil

Sometimes the nails get brittle and rough, which looks nasty and messy. To make your nails soften naturally and within no time, here is the easy treatment. Simply add few drops of lemon oil, coconut oil along with carrot oil altogether. Now apply a drop or two on each nail and rub. You will feel the nails getting relaxed and soft.

These are some of the easiest homemade do-it-yourself ideas that will help you in increasing your beauty without any hassle neither you any time-consuming spa appointments.


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