Girls love to paint their nails and when it comes to add extra style in them, they do not hesitate to design them with nail art. 

With so much tools and accessories available these days, it has become very feasible to create whatever nail art design you want.

Here, we have designed a great quick and easy nail art for you that you can make for an evening hangout or for a lunch date.

Step 1:

Paint your nails aqua blue.



Step 2:

Take a dotting tool and yellow nail color now to create dots.


Step 3:

Now draw two yellow dots with some distance on each nail.


Step 4:

Take a slightly bigger dotting tool to draw petal dots around yellow dots. You will need pink nail colors for that.


Final Step:

You have to draw pink dots around yellow one with the help of dotting tool. This will create a flower look.


So here’s, your aqua blue nail art is all ready to show off.

Enjoy your mani!

By WordFuss

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