The marketing world has expanded and revised a lot. Where you only had to create television advertisements for the consumers, now you have several platforms to reach up to them.

You must have noticed many brands coming up with video marketing these days and not only with the videos, but choosing to go for live streams as well to advertise.

Social media has turned life into ease and has made it feasible to reach out the consumers who are missing you out.

Creating a proficient level video is crucial, but with keeping few points in mind, you can actually do wonders with your marketing strategy.

Dominate Video Marketing Concept

Produce video subject

You have constraint resources, but you need to have a video that takes you to the top of trends.

Remember that you do not need to have any high tech equipment rather you need right approach. You can even make videos with your smartphone or with any reasonable video camera that gives a quality resolution. Your content and way of speak matter more than anything.

You can pick your video content from your most hit blog posts. Try to engage viewers and shift your readers from blogs to the Vlogs.

Time duration of the video

Understanding the actual timing for video is highly important.

Viewers do not want to watch a video that has lengthy and useless discussions in it. They want concise and effective videos that explain the main subject. It is better to have a three minute or maximum five minutes video.

According to a research, more than 50 percent people watch videos that are of ten minutes while 80 percent of the people watch videos comprised of 30 seconds.

If you do not have enough content, then no need to drag it for extra minutes rather cut it short and make videos of 30 seconds.

With shorter videos, you will have more content to make a video about and you can attract viewers with anticipation to what comes next. Once you start making videos, share them on your social media pages, your websites, and spread the word through your newsletter.

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