We still have half of 2017 in hand and why not to make it unforgettable by racing your traveling streak? Even if you have a limited budget set for fulfilling your traveling crave, we have extracted some of the most economical destinations for you to visit.

Here are some of these places:

San Juan – Puerto Rico

Mid of December is the best time to be in the Caribbean do not have to pay in Euros. In the old city of San Juan, the sightseeing, restaurants, and markets are near, thus, saving your traveling cost. If you are a US citizen, then you do not need to have a passport, even. The city is immensely affordable and best pick to visit this year.


If you are looking for a pocket-friendly romantic destination, then Belize is the stop for you. Some resorts like Royal Caribbean Resort and George Hardie’s Las Vegas Hotel are economical and they also offer you extras with the room such as bicycle rental, complimentary breakfast, internet facility, their local wine, etc. having a delicious meal under $30 is also easy to get from any chic restaurant.


Whenever we think of any destination in Europe, we know that it will be costly. But, Portugal offers you the most economical traveling experience in the Europe. You can have your one time fewer than 5 euros with the scrumptious wine and it is recommended to take back road instead of main highways. You can enjoy landscapes and all the nature that you are looking for.


Bali is included in the favorite travel destination of the travel freaks for years. As the place offers us an exotic atmosphere, it is simultaneously very affordable. You can book a private villa for $50 each night and if you want to have a lavish stay, then staying at the hotel will cost you less than being in a resort.  Food, spa, and transportation costs are also surprisingly very lesser as compared to the other destinations.

If you are also looking to plan your upcoming vacations this year, then this list can be of great help.

Let us know which destination appealed you the most by commenting below.

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