If you are again planning to leave without breakfast in the morning, then remember that you will end up eating extra throughout the day. It is important to know that eating in the morning means you will have more energy, your cravings will not overreact and you can make better decisions.

Experts say that a healthy breakfast is composed of proteins, carbs, and fiber. Fortunately, there are many foods that could fulfill all these necessities.

There are many types of breakfast that are healthy and ideal to have in the morning. Such as:

Greek yogurt

Greek yogurt is pungent in taste but full of calcium and proteins as compared to the normal yogurt. To start your day, you can have a nonfat yogurt and add a fruit in it for some sweetness. The recipe is not any difficulty to adopt every morning or after a day.


Full with potassium, bananas are the best thing to have with oatmeal or cereal. The carbohydrates and starch in the fruit help to control your hunger till lunch time. Its sweetness nulls the need for any extra sugar in it. Bananas are the good cure for controlling blood pressure.


The right amount of caffeine is the topmost choice of every person. Coffee brings many advantages other than opening your eyes in the morning such as prevention of diabetes or cancer. Along with that coffee is also full of antioxidants.  Add skim milk in it to avail all the values.

Orange juice

Orange juice is the part of our breakfast since ages. It has various nutrition and is the main source of Vitamin D. for the health issues like osteoporosis and depressions, Orange juice is the best dietary option. Squeezing fresh juice is better than having a preserved one so that you could avoid any additional sugars.


Although mart shelves are full of cereals, you must know that which one is the right for you and the right cereal is the one with less than 5 grams of sugar and fiber.

In the bran and whole-grain cereals, you can get folic acid and nutrients. These cereals can be mixed with fruits and skim milk.

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