We all wait for fall to be here so that we could have whole distinctive nature of color pallet around us. From outfits to the home décor, we believe in shifting everything to the different.

The good news is that you do not have to spend extra bucks and the home décor could be done with the available items. We will inform you about ins and outs of 2017 fall here below:

Marble is ‘out’ this fall

No, you do not have to be worried or there is no need to feel that you are outdated. We are only telling you that marble is not in the fashion anymore this fall 2017. This time, you should choose to go for the earthy materials like clay, wood or any fabric made.

Dark green is ‘in’

Fall is all about orange and brown everywhere. This is why; we want you to have some nature inside your house. Opt for your kitchen cabinets to color them dark green. You ought to trust with this as it will give an entirely welcoming feel to your home and mixing it with the leather and brass color is a total win.

Basic furniture is ‘out’

Modern furniture is available in many colors now, but this fall we are not going to continue the trend with all those old boring styles of the same color. This fall you can utilize your old sofa sets or couches of different colors and match them to have in your living room or bedroom even. So, go bold and try this home design craft without any fear.

Velvet is ‘in’

Velvet feels supple and shiny! Having a velvet sofa, chair or couch could be the best addition to your diy interior decorating task. If you think it could be expensive, then you can simply use cushions or pillow, instead. Velvet will also match with your abstract wooden interior pieces.

These are some of the DIY projects for home improvements that will cost you the minimum and will turn your home into attractive place this fall 2017.

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