A group of hackers managed it to breach the HBO network and acquired the most beloved TV show Game of Throne’s upcoming details and episodes. Not only that, they have also entered into the mail box of the executive.

Last week hackers issued the content from episodes named Ballers and Insecure along with some part of the GOT’s script. They threatened the new release as the “second wave”, which indicates that there could be some massive blow of the information of the 5th episode ready to be released on this Sunday. This information might be in video form.

Hackers have shown a file in which details of Game of Thrones’ Season 7’s episode 5 are included along with the marketing casting and marketing information. The group also indicated that they were able to break into the HBO system after efforts of almost 6 months and they mentioned it in the ransom letter to HBO.

In the letter issued to HBO from hackers, they have asked for ransom against data obtained. Hackers mentioned that HBO is their 17th target and three of their targets have paid the ransom.

On the other hand, HBO refused to the claim that hackers have got any access to the system of the network. They also added that we are running forensic review over our system and there might be more leaks occur as a result of the breach. However, we strongly believe that network is not entirely breached as per the forensic details.

The spokesperson from HBO said, “We are working closely with the cyber security and law authorities to settle the accident”. He also added: “While the devoted HBO employees are ensuring about delivering the finest entertainment content to the viewers”.

Even before the hacking incident, the last episode of Game of Thrones was also leaked many days before it went on air.




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