Halle Berry is on her new mission to save the child and it’s her own child!

The action actress is playing Karla in her new movie named Kidnap where her son is picked right from her front and she is clueless to do anything about her.

Mother of two in real life, Nahla 9 and Maceo 3, Berry is a very shielded mother who can relate to the movie story with her real life where once she nearly she missed her daughter.

Berry told that Nahla was 2 when she was gone missing in the store while I was checking some product prices. “I was horrified and started shouting to shut all the doors because my daughter was missing”; said Helle.

“They shut all the doors and Nahla was present few feet away from me, it was a relief, but I can never forget that terror that swept through me at that time”; she further added.

In the movie Kidnap, the mother will be following her impulses and chase the kidnappers, which end up finding her son, finally. “This is what every mother will do when it comes to secure their children”; Helle said confidently.

The movie is in theatres now and we wish Helle all the luck!


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