You might be drinking it all water to keep your inner body hydrated, but factually with some foods, you can easily keep up with your water intake.

There are various vegetables and fruits that can fulfill your water intake and you do not have to flood your stomach with 8 glasses of water. Generally, we drink water and ignore the diet that contains 95 percent of water.

Here is the list of those hydrating foods that you must use in summertime:


Tomatoes are the main item in our daily salad. They can be eaten sliced or you can add cheese in them to make them more interesting. Tomatoes contain 94.5 percent of water in them and meet your need of water.



This fruit is a gift of summer that gives you 91 percent of water. Not only it keeps you hydrated, but it also gives you an antioxidant named lycopene, which fights with cancer. This lycopene is present more in melons as compared to the tomatoes.

You can cut it into small pieces and add with water in the jug. Keep it in the refrigerator and enjoy the double dose of hydration.



No one can forget to mention cucumber in the list of most hydrating foods. They are full of water up to 96 percent and they can be eaten raw or simply mix them with yogurt. You might find them tasteless, thus, mixing them with yogurt and mint will enhance their taste.



Favorites from generations, the sweet looking little fruit possess the quality of keeping your hydrated. With the 91 percent of water, they have natural sweetness in them and can be added to the salad or simply with the yogurt.



When we see Popeye the sailor man obtaining so much power from it, we are not surprised as his favorite food is Spinach. Certainly, the vegetable filled with fiber, lutein, folate, and potassium. You will not believe, but only a cup of spinach can satisfy your 15% of vitamin E. this vitamin is crucial for tackling the free radicals that are considered as damaging.

Despite consuming all these healthy foods, you cannot deny the importance of water so make sure to have plenty of water throughout the day.

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