While attempting DIY tutorials, there are many hurdles that you face even if you are exceptionally careful. Painting furniture is equally problematic because there are always chips, peels and other issues with the paint. There are numerous DIY tutorials present on the internet with whom you can paint your tables, chairs, consoles, mirrors, etc. only if you have memorized these few tricks.

These are the things that will help you in painting flaw less:


Sand the surface:

You may have seen many DIY craft videos in which they have not sand the furniture, but the fact is you have to do that. With sanding, the furniture surface gets even, thus, you can easily paint it without having bumps.

 Wipe out the dust:

Make sure that the working surface is clean and without any dust particles. Do it with a wet cloth instead of paper or plain towel. That way, the wet cloth will pick all the dust.

Prime the furniture:

Priming it will add an extra look to your furniture. You can check online or in the market that which primers are the reliable ones for the certain type of furniture. Apply primer with foam roller and brush for the complex areas. Once dry, sand it and wipe the particles with the wet cloth.

Paint it out:

Finally, the main task of painting comes. Make sure that you are using a mini foam roller for applying semi-gloss paint. Three shrilling coats will work well. Before applying second and third coats, give a break of six to eight hours in-between. After every coat, you have to sand the surface to get rid of any residue. If there are any particles then might be due to the old wet cloth and not a new one. Ensure about using new wet cloth every time you clean the surface.

Shield the paint:

The final layer that you have to use on furniture will be of Polycrylic. This is the water based shielded gloss that protects the paint and gives it extra shine. Apply that coat with another foam roller and with very light hands so there will be no bubbles. Do not use the furniture before dry out time that is 72 hours, at least.


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