After a hectic day of summer, we all want our evenings to be relaxing with no disturbance around. They say that surroundings play a major role when you try to relax your mind and body. Nothing comes first in mind than your bedroom, but why stays indoors when you have a whole patio to calm yourself. This is why; we will be sharing some very expedient and effortless DIY home décor crafts with you, which will turn your simple looking porch into an attractive and cozy one.

The ideas are as following:

–  Snowy drapes

To ease up the heat and creating a neutral look, white drapes will be an ideal addition to your patio. They will also provide shades on your doorstep and can be matched with any outdoor furniture. Sitting there, reading book will be a great experience.

–   Paint it fresh

Summers are all about soft colors, thus, adding these colors in your entrance will give soothing effect not only to you but to your visitors as well. Color your main door with pastel green, pink, yellow, beige, purple or gray. Not only that, you can also match your ceiling with the door color.

–   Add a table

When you want to start up DIY home décor projects for your home, then there is nothing to fret about. You can simply kick it off by making changes to your furniture settings. For instance, moving your dining table to the patio outside and enjoy your meals there. You can decorate the table with sunflowers, wooden platters, etc. This would also be a great opportunity for the family to sit together, enjoy food and appreciate your creativity.

–  Hanging baskets

Flowers always refresh the eyes and moods. Hanging flower baskets from your patio’s woodwork or ceiling will be a good addition. You can have them in wooden or plastic pots with natural or artificial plants. Hanging baskets are one of the cheap DIY projects for your home that you can pursue easily. If your patio is in white color, then add some colorful flower plants or if it is already colorful, then adding simple plants or white flowers will be a smart move.

With these few DIY home décor crafts, you can certainly convert your old looking patio into an appealing one and without spending much.

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